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The Eleventh Doctor deactivated the shimmer with his sonic screwdriver and put a stop to the Krovian's activities. In , Bernice Summerfield used a shimmer-sari to infiltrate Veronica Bland 's quarters. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. The Wonder-ful Nature of Greek God Names Greek gods and heroes names tell us fascinating things about their powers and personalities. A well-chosen name can achieve a character lasting fame.

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RELATED WORDS glint , glitter , sheen , glimmer , luster , shine , twinkle , gleam , sparkle , glow , gloss , glisten , spangle , flash , iridescence , coruscation , spark , scintillation , incandescence , phosphorescence. Nearby words shily , shim , shimazaki , shimizu , shimla , shimmer , shimmery , shimmy , shimonoseki , shin , shin guard. Origin of shimmer before ; Middle English schimeren, s c hemeren, Old English scimrian; cognate with Dutch schemeren, German schimmern to glisten.

See glisten. I really liked the message Shimmer has. To love and forgive is to be free from hate and anger.

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I would recommend this for middle graders and fans of Alyson's Evermore series. I'm looking forward to reading Riley's third book, Dreamland when it's out this fall. Feb 07, Alena T rated it really liked it.

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This book is about a girl named Riley who's a ghost that lives on a deserted beach. Riley has to free the tortured souls that Rebecca trapped. She decides to do this after Rebecca takes her dog, Buttercup, and her friend, Bodhi and makes her re-experience her own worst memories. To stop Rebecca, Riley teams up with a slave who was once a prince, Prince Kanta. To free the souls, they have to experience each and every one of their the souls' horrific memories.

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To stop Rebecca from trapping sou This book is about a girl named Riley who's a ghost that lives on a deserted beach. To stop Rebecca from trapping souls, they have to experience Rebecca's worst memory which isn't very pleasant. I only gave the book four stars because honestly, there wasn't enough action for my liking but, it's there.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes little action. Even though it was lacking action, overall this was a really good book. I liked how Riley's the main character personality changed from stuck-up and rebellious to a nice, kind, understanding girl. However, one thing I didn't really like was the beginning. It was slow and boring but if you keep reading, you won't regret getting this book. Jan 01, Savannah Books With Bite rated it really liked it. Riley Bloom is at it again! I can't help but love this girl. She is so much like her sister.

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She ignores the rules and gets in a lot of trouble. But of course there is always a guy just waiting to bail her out. What I like most about this book is the forgiveness sought out. Riley knew Rebecca was caught up in her own anger.

You can't move own if you can't forgive. I love how Riley uses her own experiences to help Rebecca move on. She spoke to her carefully and lovingly. Bodhi, I felt, did not gi Riley Bloom is at it again!

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Bodhi, I felt, did not give Riley enough credit. Even though she proved herself in the first book, he still treated her like a child. Riley grew up fast. She knew what she had to do and Bodhi held her back. Still Riley proved him wrong once again, but of course not without the consequences. I like Rebecca. Her character had so much anger that you felt it. Rebecca just wanted the world to stop. She wanted everyone to feel her pain, to see what she been through.

I could relate to her because I felt that type of anger before. It's unfair and its just hurts. Once again, Ms. Noel wrote a fab book.

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It was a quick, fun read with great characters and real emotions. The book was easy to relate to and easy to feel. Her characters, her writing, and the plot were all good. I found myself very disappointed with this book, mainly because it didn't add anything in particular for me it was more of the same from what I have read on the first book. Apr 05, Carolina rated it really liked it Shelves: series.

I don't know what to say. Shelves: dystopian-diatribes , fantasy-fiction , favorites , paranormal-pages , spectral-scrolls , young-adult-yore. Alyson Noel's sophomore novel "Shimmer" follows the misadventures of Riley Bloom, Ever's sister from the"Immortals" series by the same author. She has 'got her glow on' since last novel as she has led souls to the afterlife, the Bridge, to the Here and Now, in her job as Soul Catcher. She and her guide Bohdi are allowed a vacay and Riley chooses to visit St John.

She decides to take on unassigned soul, despite Bohdi's warning. She finds herself face to face with Rebecca, an evil ghost who takes d Alyson Noel's sophomore novel "Shimmer" follows the misadventures of Riley Bloom, Ever's sister from the"Immortals" series by the same author. She finds herself face to face with Rebecca, an evil ghost who takes delight in trapping the ghosts of those who are responsible for her death.

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The only way to save her is to save Bohdi, Buttercup, and then all the slaves. According to the author a lot of the story's facts are purported to be true, so it makes it a more thought provoking heavy read than I thought a young teen book would contain, so props to the author.