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IQ tests and abilities. Practice questions I dentify strengths and weaknesses. P ractice the skills necessary to improve your score! D iscover different question types. A ttempt questions of varying difficulty. Instructions There are 30 multiple choice questions. The questions are of varying difficulty. All questions are worth the same points. Approximate test time: between 10 and 15 minutes. Question 10 of You have reached the maximum time allowed for this test.

You have answered of the 10 questions. Click on the button below to submit your results. To be able to calculate an IQ score you need to answer at least 10 questions. Test results. Culture fair intelligence test Question 1 of 8. Question 2 of 8. Question 3 of 8. Question 4 of 8. Question 5 of 8. Question 6 of 8. Question 7 of 8. Question 8 of 8. Assessment center method. Assessment tips. Objectives of assessments. Selection assessment. Career assessment. Development assessment.

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Management assessment. Online assessment. Preparation for an assessment. The assessment center.

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Components of an assessment. The assessment interview. Assessment tests. IQ tests. Practicing IQ tests works. Personality test. Strengths and weaknesses analysis. Work values and motivation.

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Competences and skills. Mailbox exercise.

Fact finding. Role plays and practical simulations. Assessment report. Rights and obligations during an assessment. Common errors during assessments. Assessment exercises. Aptitude tests. DISC typology. What is DISC? DISC Profiles.

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The Achiever. The Coach. The Counselor. The Creative. The Enthusiast. The Evaluator. The Individualist. The Inspirational. The Investigator. The Objective Thinker. The Perfectionist. The Persuader. The Practitioner. The Result-Oriented.


The Specialist. Work values. IQ and intelligence. Is IQ the same as intelligence?

What is IQ? What is intelligence? History of IQ test. Theories on intelligence. G factor.

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Multiple intelligences. IQ test usage. IQ test types.

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IQ test quality. Professional IQ test or practice test. Cognitive development. Flynn effect. Interpretation of an IQ score. IQ scores and differences. Is intelligence hereditary?