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Re-orientate yourself by focusing on an object until it becomes clear to you. Were you surprised by how many sounds there were when you really stopped to listen?

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Perhaps you even heard another sound after that point. What happened when you started becoming aware of your heartbeat? Did the other sounds fade into the distance?

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Most of them would have still been around you, but did you stop focusing on them? Was it easier to shut out the other noises as you took more deep breaths? How we breathe is a major part of that process. Our breath is our life force and it is also the means through which we accomplish a great deal in psychic work. You need to start becoming more and more aware of your breath and how it affects your body.

You need to start acknowledging its tremendous strength and beauty. Further exercise will help develop this appreciation. The above are all highly pleasurable past times and they have their place but they are all geared to stimulate various parts of you. If you practice yoga, you will have experienced what is being referred to, or tai chi, or any other form of holistic exercise that deals with the mind, body and spirit.

Most of us never take time for ourselves. Those are the things most of us think of as important. As for the thought of spending as much as half an hour! You can start with just a few minutes spent in relaxation, in the form of a visualization or a meditation exercise. You will be doing it before you know it! Setting aside a small time each day to relax and renew yourself will enable others to appreciate you more.

Which would the people around you prefer? Or would they prefer someone who spends a quarter of an hour alone somewhere and then re-emerges to greet those they love with a relaxed attitude, full of warmth and enthusiasm? The difference can be as powerful as that, it really can, provided you are prepared to work at it a bit. Have you ever argued over a television programme that one wants to watch but not the other?

What a perfect opportunity for one of you to retreat for a little meditation. It can suit both parties. Is all this making you feel a little more interested? Discussion and exercises will help you later in this book. If you think about how most people live their lives in the Western World, we are not geared towards spending time with our inner selves.

Much of what is discussed in this book has been followed by Eastern philosophies for centuries. It has just taken us a while to catch up. You go to a doctor for your physical problems, a psychiatrist for your mental or emotional problems, but who can you go to for your spiritual problems? A wonderful advantage is that meeting your spiritual needs is very likely to improve your other states as well. Many emotional, mental and physical imbalances stem from lack of contact with your inner self.

Some people would go so far as to say that all illnesses are as a result of someone not getting in touch with their spiritual self. Another area that psychic development has an enormous effect upon is your sensitivity. You had an example of intensifying your hearing by doing the Stillness Exercise. Now you can try one that relates to your touch, sight, smell and taste all in one.

An apple is used in this example but you can use whichever fruit you want. Firstly, hold the apple in your hands and close your eyes. Is the apple cold or hot? Is it springy or firm? The more you relish each section, the more you will get out of it. When you feel you really know what it feels like, move it closer to your nose and, still keeping your eyes closed, smell the apple.

Is it a sweet smell? Or is it sharp? Are you aware of a slightly chemical odour? Keep taking deep breaths and wallow in the experience of really smelling every nuance of scent. Does the stem part of the apple smell differently from the base?


When you feel you know its odour thoroughly, then open your eyes. Now look at an apple properly, as if for the first time in your life. Study the shape of it. Is it symmetrical? If not, how is one half different from the other? Look at the colour of it and notice how different shades run around the apple. Then look at where the stem grows. Study it intently. What about the base? Now turn your attention to the skin itself. Look at each line and ridge, each tiny indent. Study it for as long as you like. This exercise can go on for ages. You should now know this apple intimately.

Once you feel you could pass that test, then take a bite of it. As this stage, some of you may feel rather attached to your apple and even feel guilty about eating it! Hold it in your mouth for a moment before you chew, closing your lips together.

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Can you taste much in this state? If so, what? Hold your nose closed for a brief moment.

Now can you taste anything? Breathe again through your nose and start to chew, but very slowly and deliberately. Again, this is hard for many people because they usually eat at such a fast rate. Try to chew it for at least thirty chews; it will probably take a great effort not to swallow it before then.

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  5. Can you define what it tastes like? Imagine defining it to a person who has never experienced an apple before. As you swallow, really feel the apple sliding down into your system, feel it nurture and enrich you. It started from a tiny seed, planted in the earth.

    Becoming Clairvoyant – 6 Ways to Increase Psychic Seeing

    Think about planting that seed in the soil, covering it and watering it. Think about how the plant was nurtured, drinking in the sun and rain and goodness from the soil, slowly growing and expanding. Think about the blossoms that came, how they died away and how small apples started to form. Think about their growth, their eventual harvest and the possible journey they made to arrive in your hands.

    Have you finished the apple now? Open up the core and look at those tiny seeds.

    If you feel the urge to plant them in a small pot of soil and nurture them, why not do so? Do your senses feel slightly heightened now? As you look around you, do colours seem brighter? Do certain objects seem more interesting? Are you aware of new smells in the room? How does that feel?

    This exercise can go on forever and, in a way, so it should. Everything around you can be seen in a new light.

    Discover Your Psychic Powers - PDF Free Download

    You can do this experiment on everything edible and then take away the taste element for other objects. You need to have an understanding of them before you can start discovering them. You may already know a bit about the intuitional sense. This intuition comes from contact with outside energies and probably most people have experienced it at some time in their life.

    Did you know who was calling even though there was no obvious reason for you to know? Have you ever had a vague sense that something nice was about to happen to you without having a concrete reason for feeling that way?