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Too much family. No sex, no or not much romance. The characters where real, however and I really liked the main character which for me is Caroline , but am a bit ambivalent about Angela Tate, who sometimes comes across as a not very likable unscrupulous reporter. Not recommended, but as I bought the cheap edition when the price was low with two other Angela Tate books, maybe the others are better. Death Never Sleeps by E. Simon My rating: 3 of 5 stars Lend with Amazon Prime, one book free per month, this is for December Great idea, but more action than necessary, too little about A.

It strays into Religion and I would have been entirely satisfied if there was more about AI and the SF-style absolutely real. Sold three stars, recommended to people, how do not really care and know about computers and can suspend believe - I cannot and I do know too much about AI and am an Atheist, so do not really care about the religious part, which was not really well done.

Review: Eva Hudson – The Loyal Servant

Without that part it could have easily been a 4 star book, and a recommendation to anyone. It is not, sorry. Interesting and a good read, even when it gets complicated. And while I guessed the twists, except for two one medical and the one ending the book , shortly before they occurred, it was still a page-turner. Mostly the case-solving was a team effort and near the end it was a bit much that Tempe nearly solved the last puzzles alone, you had to suspend your believe, and she positioned herself again in a dangerous situation.

Highly recommended, and a solid 5star. Can be read as a standalone, but I think it is better to read all books and in order. When I was there, my last real vacation, or , it was still a communist country, Tschecheslowakia since then parted in Tschechei and Slovenia.

Review: Eva Hudson – The Loyal Servant – Sarah Ward & Rhiannon Ward

Given the old roads and cobblestone it was an adventure, although I managed some parts alone, and most with a group of people who I had "Advenced Philosophical Study" with a rare Leistungskurs in German school, for some a glimpse of what to study : I am sitting in a wheelchair and Prague is just about one of the un-accessiblesed sp?

But I will not rant more. So I was thrilled to read a book playing there, as I knew that Prague has not changed too much since then. I am currently two minds about this book, one part does not want to finish it, and that my main computer broke down helped some, I had to save data and try to repair it or write a detailed report for sending the Mac mini to Apple. And I read a different book a novella in between, as I was constantly distracted. The other mind is, I am not sure, after skimming some reviews of the second book, wether I will enjoy that.

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My favourite character are Karou and Zuzana, I do not like Akiva. A review can only be practical after the trilogy has ended if I do not DNF the second or third book, ah the joy of the double negative The circle this book goes, I am sorry to say, I did not guess that, not having thought much about the book during the breaks I took.

Maybe if I had forced myself to read it faster, more than a month is entirely too long even with reading and finishing several other books in between.

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That was the main reason for me to buy this book, sounded like a Clive Cussler-novel. Could have been shorter, nearly all major characters ?

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Good use of romance conflicting with job or task at hand, short sex-scenes add to the story, and are ok. Still, except for being to long, highly recommended, to fans of Christopher Golden and Clive Cussler, and also maybe Preston-Child-fans. Sunday, December 7, Review: The Kill. The Kill by Jane Casey My rating: 5 of 5 stars As with the last one, this was a page turner and for a me a welcome break from struggling with other books. The romance took an interesting turn, two near-sex scenes played out different from my expactation, one bordering on rape, the other was left hanging. The case - or are they cases and the revisiting of old enemies takes some nice turns.

The story and the meandering investigation keeps you guessing, at least in my case. Her family were particularly well portrayed, especially her militant mother protesting against various government measures. The journalist Angela Tate was also a strong character, her job continually under threat from cost-cutting measures and desperate to get that all important scoop.

The daughter of evil ❤ gacha life- the story of evil part one-

The descriptions of the Department of Education were particularly strong and the writer clearly knows the world well with its bureaucracy that can be circumvented by those in the know. As the plot reached its climax I found it a little rushed and wanted the narrative to continue to the hinted conclusion. But overall it was a good read and it was nice to see a political thriller written by a woman and featuring two strong female leads. Sarah — This does sound like an interesting political thriller. And good on you to try new authors. Like Like. Thanks Margot. Sounds good — I might well try this one, thanks Sarah.

I recall that as starting well but the second half not being as good. I also liked the strong female leads… I thought Bechdel would approve! As an ex-civil servant, and a south Londoner, I was impressed with the realistic detail Hudson gave both.

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Praise for Eva Hudson

Eva became a friend of mine through her writing. Unfortunately she died recently. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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